The Secret Recipes of a Pro Athlete and Pastry Chef

Cookie Watts:
Baking with Rage

Goodies have a way of making everything better. Whether it’s a holiday, a birthday or even a Tuesday, there’s nothing that can’t be improved with a warm batch of something delicious and thoughtful (including funerals). Baking something for someone has always been my personal expression of love and appreciation, and this book of recipes is a continuation of that love — for you, for Little Bellas, for NICA and anyone who gives back, lifts up or steps in.

I hope curiosity, perseverance and compassion all bring you the same joy I found within bikes and baking, and may you pass them on in your own special way.

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A portion of the proceeds will go to support NICA and Little Bellas


Amanda Batty.

I was raised on a farm just outside of Payson, Utah and grew up roaming the fields and hills surrounding the small rural town. One could often find me either of two ways: without shoes and getting into trouble or hidden away with my nose in a book. It wasn't an idyllic childhood, but it came very close.

Bikes have always been many things to many people and often are used as a form of transportation, but for me, it was a love affair that would never end. My first bike was a rusty red hand-me-down from an older cousin that my parents painted pink for my 3rd Christmas, and I adored that hunk of metal. My first memories of crashing took place the day I insisted that my father help me learn to ride it, without training wheels. Running beside me, arms splayed into the patriarchal 'bike holding pattern' (one hand on the handlebars and one on the back of the seat, simultaneously controlling it from tipping over and propelling the bicycle forward) and yelling, "Pedal, Amanda! Pedal!" before releasing me to the centrifugal force of the spinning wheels. Shortly thereafter, I crashed. In that moment, a pattern was created that would manifest all of my life: hurry up, slow down, do it my way, crash hard and start over.

With an insatiable curiosity and a need for answers, I've never taken 'no' for a suitable response, nor have I ever let it dictate my realms of possible.

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Merry Christmas.

You, or someone you know, loves cookies just as much as they love both NICA and Little Bellas — because that’s where a portion of the proceeds from this cook(ie)book are going. Give them the (last minute) gift of this recipe book to show them how much you care, or how much you want them to make cookies for you.


The author (me) really likes getting #morekidsonbikes and happens to be some hybrid alienathlete who loves cookies and bikes and making people happy, so… Do me a favor and spread some holiday cheer* with these recipes, okay?

You can be part of the cool kid crew.

Happy Holidays, from my house to yours,